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Critical Role Pop Figures

Looking for some fun and excitement in your Critical Role cosplay? Don't search more than the funko pop games Critical Role specialty series! This 611 vinyl figure is a must-have for a shopper playing the game.

Best Critical Role Pop Figures

This pop is a key figure in the Critical Role vox machina play set! He is reminiscent of michael, the family's all-time favorite from the novel "fiction, " he provides some much needed humor and padres grove on to him! Being one of the few people who knows that michael actually died a few years ago, the pop is again responsible for providing some much-needed life to the play set. This Critical Role vox machina pop vinyl figure is an amazing addition to your Critical Role vox machina set, she is war-like and and is dandy for playing a goaltender in a game of magic. She is included in the sets statue and is a top addition to all Critical Role vox machina set, are you searching for some new fun and excitement in your Critical Role set? This new set of 7 funko pop figures is just the thing! These amazing characters from the popular game are top-of-the-heap for any group or setting. If you're hunting to set up a performance or drama scene, these are practical people to help you out! 605 is a funko pop games Critical Role vinyl figure with a protector, she comes with an 6-pack of vinyl figures retailing for $0. 99 each.