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Darth Vader Pop Figure

Introducing the all-new funko pop figure line! This line offers Darth Vader with bergs green gear and face paint, and a funko pop on his back! The figure also comes with a funko pop figure case! This is a first-class way to add this delicious character to your collection.

Best Darth Vader Pop Figure

Darth Vader is a funko pop star wars bounty hunters collection Darth Vader vinyl figure 442, this pop figure is of the character from the star wars galaxy far, far away. He is available for purchase and comes with an 4-pack of other funko pop star wars bounty hunters collection Darth Vader vinyl figures, the collection is available now at store locations around the us. This funko pop vinyl figure is a fun and unique alternative to add some extra excitement to your home or office! Darth Vader is part of the funko pop line of pop figures! He comes with a white funko pop visual appendage on his head and a red and blue funko pop accessory on his back! This figure is available at target exclusive prices, Darth Vader with tie fighter pop figure, funko-targets the stars in action! Rebellions and battles across the galaxy. With this figure, you where the power of the galaxy's galaxy is your source of guidance and support, the figure imparts a beneficial lookalike pose and is produced out of funko-tanks which allow you to over-power your opponents with his impressive firepower. Value for money! Looking for a fun and unique pop figure from the pop! Mode of funko? Don't search more than Darth Vader pop figure! This little guy imparts a valuable digging light up display and a top-grade sound system, he's fantastic for any battle field or give him a go today.