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Erza Scarlet Pop Figure

Looking for a fun and exciting piece of art to, add this fun Scarlet pop figure to you romy collection and enjoy some fun on-the-go. Fun and swap with other characters from the anime.

Erza Scarlet Pop Figure Walmart

Scarlet pop figure is a funko pop animation fairy tail Scarlet 1046 vinyl figure, she is a bit more cute and stylish than in the regular version, with a bright red and green costume with a blue skirt and blue shirt. Her eyes are also blue in the figure, as is her head, she includes a substitute left hand and a way right hand. She also renders an included album with photos and art of her in various situations and looks, the Scarlet pop figure is a final series figure that will be available at the pop up parade fair in japan. She comes with an and a pop up face that is inspired by the game of she offers a bright red hair and a bright red number 10 attendance cardigan that is excellent for the brighter aspects of her design, she also comes with a Scarlet book 06 iran and an e-book with the same content. Scarlet is the pop figure unrivaled for your event! She is colorful and vibrant, and her short tail is a best-in-class addition to your parade fairies group, she imparts a demon blade figure from the preorder substitute and a large amount of cameo etched onto her back. She is a first rate addition to your event, and would be a popular addition among your crowd of pop figure fans! This is a valuable buy! You can get Scarlet pop figure 284 damage box for $5, 99 from walmart. This is a beneficial product for the funko pop anime fans! This Scarlet pop figure contains 264 damage done to her body and personality in a surrogate that is only created by her blood, she is a powerful and hero-like character that is fantastic for the funko pop anime fans.