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Maggie Pop Figure

Looking for a fun and removable Maggie simpson figure? Don't look anywhere than our funko pop the simpsons - Maggie simpson 498 vinyl figure free shipping! This delicious figure is terrific for your shopping cart and will add a little bit of fun and excitement to your scene, plus, when you're done shopping, simply put her in your collection and enjoy.

Maggie Pop Figure Ebay

This figure is a funko pop television remastered edition of the character Maggie from the simpsons, she is a young woman with a bright smile and a positive attitude. She always to help and always up for a good time, she is from around here in southern illinois and loves to eat pizza. This is a fun and unique funko pop figure that will add a new dimension to your walking dead collection, Maggie is a powerful and experienced chef, who offers seen it all in her career. This figure is retired and imparts a vaulted retired plaque with her name and title on it, she is a shock of hair, which will add to the walking dead experience of her character. This figure is good for 4-6 months, Maggie pop figure from the fx series "the simpsons. " she is a self-taught who extends created a time-traveling alien character called Maggie simpson, she is in size and features a bright green body with white eyes and a long white hair. Her skin is a bright green and her skin is scaly, she gives a small hole in her head that allows you to see her eyes and a green tattoo on her back. She comes with an 2-pack of Maggie pop figures, Maggie pop is a funko pop figure that walks on life! She gives a demolition man haircut and a look of concentration! She is a funko pop shirt and hat.