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Weird Al Pop Figure

We know how weirder and more Weird than ever before get you thinking about world of figs, this fun and quirky pop figure from funko is an unrivaled addition to your Weird Al pop figure list! Is outrageous and licensed by liberty figurines is ripe with life. Get him while you still can.

Weird Al Pop Figure Amazon

Weird Al is a figure that is inspired by the record "weird Al " he is a fast driver and always on the move, which makes him outstanding for someone who wants to keep up with him, he comes with a sticker and a gear sticker on the back of his shirt. Weird Al is a funko pop figure that is based on his character's look prevalent in the late 1960 this figure is updated and enhanced with new paint and accessory items, he offers a "weird al" face and " pop" name written on his chest. This fun pop figure is a best-in-class addition to collection, Weird Al is one of the most popular and well-loved singers and songwriters in the history of rock music. He is likewise mint Weird al, or mint wild ace, the vinyl figure is part of a "vaultedretired" series of vinyl figures that are mint and not stolen. This is an enticing addition to each collection! Our mint Weird Al funko pop vinyl figure is a top-of-the-line addition to your pop figure collection, this amazing pop figure hasn't been pushed out of the series since his inception and is only going to get more and youtube with his mint-looking clothes and his sweet, sweet voice, you're going to want to add him to your collection.