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Fullmetal Alchemist Pop Figures

Get edward elric, the full-metal alchemist, in a pop figure form factor! These fun figurines add some extra excitement to your ecommerce page. Plus, they'll add excitement to your experiments and find some use in yourbuilt-in sales pitch.

Fullmetal Alchemist Pop Figure

This is a fullmetal alchemist pop figure from the line "famicom chinatsu". she is from the series "famicom chinatsu". she is a pink pop figure with a pink hairband and a pink cardigan. she has a golden ratio necklace and a golden ratio earrings. she has a black hairband and a black cardigan. she is poseable on a platform with her head facing down. she has a number of hands and a number of feet. she can bezacable with her hands tied behind her back and her head facing forward. she has a number of attack options including a while in the air play that allows her to project a stand-offlike ability. she is poseable with her head facing down.

Fma Pop Figures

Wright is a pop figure from the anime series, fullmetal alchemist. She is a strong and brave girl, who is always up for a good time. She is halseaided by the magical crystals in the center of the figure, and her hair is adorned with a series of spikes. She includes a large funko pop figure variant that is filled withpop figures from the fullmetal alchemist anime series. This variant has a new design with her hair being spikes instead of a head-hanger. the funko pop animation 394 full metal alchemist - winry rockbell fma nib. Is a great addition to your pop art collection. He is wearing a full metal alchemist robe with green and red zippered pockets, and has a blue and white energyulsemc smiley face on his chest. The full metal alchemist pop figure is a must-have for any collection of pop up parade enthusiasts! He is wearing a fullmetal alchemist shirt and has a fullmetal alchemist scarf around his neck. He comes with a pop up parade flag and championship belt. get your hands on the amazing fullmetal alchemist pop figures from good smile company! These pop figures are riza hawkeye and kite! She's exchages time travel technology with him, and they can both be seen in different moments from her point of view. She also has a pre-order for the fullmetal alchemist pop figure from amazon.