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Titanfall 2 Pop Figures

Titanfall 2 pop figures: sarah and mob are the new pop figures from funko. These pop figures are 13 16 inch tall and will add some much-needed excitement to your gaming experience. With their powerful together, you can team up with mob to take on the enemy. Get your pop figures now!

Titanfall 2 Pop Figures Target

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Titanfall 2 Pop Figures Amazon

This is a great option for those that love to play titanfall 2 and love the look of pop figures! These pop figures have a fun 1316 design that will make you feel like you're one of the characters! The vinyl figure includes a back story text on his shoulder, a pop out moon hat, and a pair of gloves. He also has a full set of pop out eyes and a cool shield on his back. This is a great addition to your titanfall 2 collection! titanfall 2 pop figures are back and more exclusive than ever before! Get your hands on these figs before they're all gone! this funko pop games: titanfall 2 mob-1316 133 6 inch vinyl figure is a great addition to your space and is sure to amaze your friends and family. Pilot sarah with the new federation comes to life as a pop figure in this physical release. This figure is perfect for your sticker figure collection or the ones who love to get their hands on sticker figure until the next sale. This funko pop games: titanfall 2 mob-1316 133 6 inch vinyl figure is a must have for any sticker figure collection. this is a great way to add some extra fun to your titanfall 2 game! These pop figures are so fun to give as a personalized game or as a rent-a-porter for your game! They come in a set of three, and are designed to add some extra excitement and fun to your game.